Meet your digital strategy tool | StrategyFrame®

Meet your digital strategy tool | StrategyFrame®

The digital strategy tool StrategyFrame®- making strategy simple, digital, fast and easy to apply

In this article you will gain insights into StrategyFrame® , our new strategy software. Oliver Kern is the co-founder of StrategyFrame® and, as Chief Product and Learning Officer, he is responsible for the content of our digital strategy tool, StrategyFrame® . He holds a degree in computer engineering, is a full-blooded entrepreneur and learning expert.

Martin Kundt is a board member of Know How! AG, the leading provider of learning ecosystems from Stuttgart. He leads the technical implementation of our digital strategy tool StrategyFrame® .

The learning processes in companies have to change massively today. Learning is becoming more and more a strategic task within a company and may be understood as a challenge to create new things in ever shorter timeframes.

StrategyFrame® as an example of software as a service - how strategy is made simple

The StrategyFrame® software offers a central hub for everything you need around strategic work. It is a digital helper on every step along the workflow of end-to-end strategy development and strategy implementation.

StrategyFrame® provides all the resources strategy designers need within an organization. In the second workflow step of StrategyFrame® , the analysis, the process steps and any to-dos can be optimally mapped and retrieved.

What does workflow learning mean and what are the five moments of need?

Workflow learning and the five moments of need are two sides of the same coin:

Workflow learning is also known as performance support or, more recently, as digital coach or flow learning.

The five moments of need is a theory of learning that describes how a person learns cognitively. There are five separate moments: A person can...

  • learn something new (new)
  • deepen knowledge (more)
  • apply knowledge (apply)
  • solve a problem (solve)
  • relearn something once already learned (change).

In the workplace, however, things revolve mainly around the doing (apply). Due to the fast pace of our times and the processes of change, learning methods have shifted over the years. At the moment of doing, guidance is already needed. Staff and employees no longer do their learning first at a seminar or course only to then apply what they have learned.

Nowadays, learning processes in companies revolve around the apply moment. Solving a problem and learning something new now go hand in hand.

Thinking in terms of the five moments of need requires a complete rethinking of knowledge transfer and learning, requiring clear workflows to be designed in companies to this end. The same applies to strategy processes.

AskDelphi - the digital learning ecosystem based on the five moments of need

AskDelphi is the platform we used to build StrategyFrame® . The tool is very much centred around application. The task at hand is the relevant thing, i.e. the context is set by the requirements of the task and not by the knowledge already present.

The knowledge is only added to the action in the second step. Therefore, the users themselves decide how much additional knowledge they need in order to be able to carry out a task. Depending on the strategy level of the user, learning can be a faster or slower process.

For example, if a new employee is to be onboarded, he or she is able to click through StrategyFrame® at will and make entries right away if necessary.

The difference to a traditional training is that the users can decide for themselves, based on their own previous understanding, how much knowledge they need to actually be able to carry out a task.

The tool gives the responsible strategists of the company everything they need to be able to lead strategy processes.

AskDelphi has already been used successfully internationally and in various sectors for more than seven years, such as at Bayer AG, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, Colgate, McKinsey and Meta.

The program makes knowledge easy to apply and conveys practical know-how with concrete and actionable instructions.

What is AskDelphi technologically based on and how secure is the company data there?

From the beginning, Microsoft Azure was used as the cloud service provider. The program is hosted in Western Europe in compliance with data protection laws and no data is transferred elsewhere. This ensures legally compliant operation.

It has also been ensured that the platform can be integrated very well into other Microsoft services and existing IT environments in companies through the use of Microsoft Cloud Services.

Simple and straightforward: integration of StrategyFrame® into the corporate IT environment

Individual teams are integrated directly into the platform so that internal and external communication can connect cleanly and seamlessly, a process that usually takes place via Microsoft Teams.

Integration takes place conveniently via single sign-on, so that the platform can be used straight away even in case one is an external user.

StrategyFrame® can be used for strategy workshops and strategy analyses and enables the results to be displayed and communicated (for example as a PDF) so that the strategy can really be lived.

In addition, StrategyFrame® enables progress tracking and provides strategy impulses again and again.

What is there to consider technically if you are interested in StrategyFrame® ?

The good news is: not much! StrategyFrame® is a software as a service solution. The only thing you need is a functional internet access and an up-to-date internet browser. The tool takes care of the rest.

What's most important within a company is the prevailing mindset. There should be a shared awareness that change will be implemented consistently and following a common approach. This means that a transformation also takes place within the employees - an organization should embody this intention.

StrategyFrame® is a digital strategy tool and a technical learning platform to ease the implementation of ideas. Employees can't only use it to design a strategy but they're taken along on the journey. A motivated strategy team that has confidence in the company and the organization plays an essential role in this process.

Click here for more information about StrategyFrame® and for a 30 day free trial, where you can explore the first process step called "plan a strategy process" and test the software.