#50 How you as a leader can strategically optimize your health to improve your performance

#50 How you as a leader can strategically optimize your health to improve your performance

A stressful daily routine, a packed schedule and the constant hunt for new successes - these are all challenges that top executives face on a daily basis. But unfortunately, one crucial aspect is often neglected: their own health or that of the team. In this new episode of "Hope is Not a Strategy," we talk with health and performance expert and podcast host of "Fit and Busy" Joshua Gerstel about how to improve your health through purposeful self-leadership to boost your own and your team's performance.

A certified personal trainer, pain therapist, fitness instructor and nutritionist, Joshua specializes in busy corporate executives and professional service firms. He explains how the right approach to one's health and the integration of conscious habits can enable long-term change, leading to increased performance.

Stress and the daily barrage of challenges often leave little room for the topic of health. But Joshua Gerstel shows that even in a hectic daily routine, it is possible to strike a balance between professional success and physical well-being through self-leadership. With emotional goals and targeted habit changes, one creates the basis for long-term improvements that have a positive impact on performance.

The right analysis, goal setting and conscious new routines are crucial success factors for executive self-leadership. By purposefully integrating change into your daily routine and addressing your health, small steps can lead to big changes. If you want to know how you too can improve your performance without sacrificing your health, this episode is for you!



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