#51 How you can revolutionize existing business models - an inspiring example

#51 How you can revolutionize existing business models - an inspiring example

Welcome to a very special episode of our podcast, in which we explore the world of scrap metal. We live in a time when sustainability and resource conservation are becoming increasingly important. In this exciting episode, we welcome Thilo Hamm, co-founder of ScrapBees, the start-up that is revolutionizing scrap metal trading.

Mobile scrap metal trading revolution with Scrapbees
Scrapbees is not just focused on commercial success. With an innovative approach to scrap metal collection in Germany, they use modern technology to add scrap to the recycling loop as quickly and efficiently as possible, contributing to sustainability. Their unique service, use of specially equipped vehicles, the "BeeVans", and collaboration with craft businesses is what sets them apart.

How does the system work?
In conversation with Christian Underwood, Thilo explains how Scrapbees works. The "BeeVans" collect scrap metal in various sizes from 100 kg to 10 tons from private and commercial customers, offering added value through close cooperation with craft businesses. By analyzing and weighing the material on site, Scrapbees promotes an ecological circular economy and saves 240 kilograms of CO2 per ton of material collected. So the more scrap metal the company collects, the better for the environment.

Vision for the future
Scrapbees has big plans: In five years, the company wants to operate as a supra-regional provider of first-mile logistics for secondary raw materials and plans to operate outside Germany as well. Scrapbees' success story is an inspiring example of how innovation, sustainability and strategic thinking can be combined. If you want to learn more about the importance of scrap trade, the strategies behind a successful start-up and the vision of Scrapbees, listen in now!



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