#52 How to revolutionize strategic collaboration with StrategyFrame 2.0

#52 How to revolutionize strategic collaboration with StrategyFrame 2.0

If you've ever wondered how companies can revolutionize their strategic planning in the modern digital landscape, now you have the answer. In the latest episode of "Hope Is Not Strategy," Christian Underwood talks with Michael Görög, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Collaboard, about the integration of StrategyFrame 2.0 and Collaboard, the most secure online whiteboard on the market.

The conversation offers deep insights into the innovative world of Collaboard and its positioning as one of the most secure online whiteboards on the market, and the new opportunities this presents for the new digital StrategyFrame.

The genesis of Collaboard

Michael Görög reveals the exciting journey of Collaboard. From a simple idea - as a digital whiteboard on the Microsoft Surface Hub - the development of an interactive online whiteboard platform - to a success story. Collaboard was developed not only to foster collaboration, but also to provide businesses with the highest level of data security and privacy. This is especially underlined by the strict adherence to DGSVO compliance requirements. Also unique is the ability for companies to host Collaboard in their own cloud or on-premises, giving them full control over their sensitive data.

Focus on simplicity and intuitiveness

Both Christian and Michael agree that the user experience should be a central element of any software. Collaboard scores here with its simple and intuitive user interface. Thanks to the integration of various applications and tools, users can access all necessary information in just one window, which significantly increases the efficiency of collaboration - in particular, this takes into account the big-picture nature of StrategyFrame.

Collaboard in various industries

The conversation also highlights how Collaboard is being used in a variety of sectors, from government agencies to large enterprises. The platform has proven to be an invaluable tool for simplifying complex strategy processes and optimizing team collaboration.

The synergy of StrategyFrame and Collaboard

The merger of StrategyFrame 2.0 digital and Collaboard is a real breakthrough. This partnership allows companies to benefit from intuitive whiteboard collaboration while having access to other innovative strategy tools, including the Digital Guide and Market Intelligence solution. All in one easy-to-use interface. 

New functions and advantages

The partnership offers a wealth of new features. Hosting StrategyFrame in the Open Telekom Cloud (provided by Deutsche Telekom) ensures maximum data security. SSO integration makes access and management much easier. And the ability to fully integrate StrategyFrame into a Microsoft Teams channel revolutionizes enterprise collaboration.

An additional feature worth highlighting is the ability to export completed templates directly as PDFs. A feature that offers flexibility and adaptability for the most diverse work styles, allowing the results to be integrated even in the classic board template.

A look into the future

The Collaboard platform not only offers an innovative solution for effective team collaboration, but also sets new standards in terms of data security. Michael Görög concludes the conversation with an outlook on future developments and the importance of courage and willingness to change. He encourages entrepreneurs to embrace change and open up to the new opportunities that this partnership offers.

Collaboard and StrategyFrame 2.0 are not just two powerful tools. Together, they offer companies an unbeatable combination for optimizing their strategic planning and collaboration. And this is just the beginning. 

Listen to the full episode of "Hope is Not a Strategy" to learn more about this groundbreaking solution and the vision behind it.


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