#53 Is AI replacing traditional strategy consulting? (ENG)

#53 Is AI replacing traditional strategy consulting? (ENG)
In the latest episode of "Hope is not a strategy," hosts Christian Underwood and Prof. Jürgen Weigand explore the fascinating world of strategy consulting and take a look at the ever-evolving landscape of this industry. At a time when the business world is characterized by uncertainty, strategy consulting is becoming increasingly important and relevant. Here are some of the key points from this insightful episode:

1. The Evolution of Strategy Consulting

The hosts begin by examining the evolving role of strategy consulting. They point to the significant growth of the global strategy consulting market, particularly in Germany, where the industry has seen a remarkable 15% increase in revenue. This suggests that companies are increasingly relying on external expertise to help them navigate a turbulent business world.

2. Competition and changes in the industry

Another intriguing discussion revolves around competition in the industry. The fact that large accounting firms are entering the strategy consulting space raises questions about how the landscape is changing and how consulting firms are responding to this challenge. The role of specialized consulting practices and the impact of digital transformation will also be addressed.

3. Innovation through Technology

Presenters will also highlight exciting developments in the industry, such as combining software and consulting expertise to optimize business processes. Companies such as Celonis are cited as an example of this shift, showing how technology is redefining strategic consulting.

4. Competition for Talent

Another important aspect discussed is the competition for talent in the consulting industry. The increasing demand for diverse skills, especially in technology-related areas, is highlighted. The importance of sustainability and social purpose in consulting is also addressed.

5. The Future of Consulting

The episode ends with an outlook on the future of consulting. The hosts emphasize the role of scenario analysis, automation, and empowering clients to direct their own strategies. The focus is on delivering value rather than selling hours, empowering companies to take ownership of their strategies.

This episode offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of strategy consulting and how this industry is adapting to changing needs and challenges. It is a must listen for anyone interested in the future of strategy consulting.

Listen to this compelling episode of "Hope is Not Strategy" and keep your finger on the pulse of the changing world of strategy consulting.


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