#54 5 keys to successful strategy implementation

#54 5 keys to successful strategy implementation

When it comes to the strategy process, fundamental questions often arise: How should a strategy process be approached in the first place? And what role does leadership play in it? In our latest episode, "Hope is Not a Strategy," Christian Underwood and Jürgen Weigand reveal how critical leadership is to success in the strategy process. Here's an overview of the key findings:

  1. Time is the key: In a constantly changing world, it is essential to continuously adapt strategy. If you want to be strategically successful, you have to invest more time than previously known. This is an important finding from research.

  2. Finding the right role: Working on strategy requires a balance between top-down and bottom-up approaches. The hosts emphasize the importance of executives as both advocates and operational strategy managers.

  3. Engaging employees: Communication plays a decisive role! Active involvement of the workforce promotes acceptance of and commitment to the strategy. A clear objective sets the direction.

  4. Strategy as a routine: Regular review and adjustment of the strategy are mandatory. Helpful tools such as StrategyFrame can simplify this process and make it more efficient.

  5. Flexibility is key: Strategy is a bet on the future. Experimentation and adaptation are essential.

If you want to learn more, listen to the episode now and learn from the insights and experiences of Christian and Jürgen. No more theoretical concepts - start now and implement!


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Podcast "Hope is not a strategy"

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