#55 How you can succeed with strategy activation

#55 How you can succeed with strategy activation

In this episode, Christian Underwood takes us on a journey to Munich and gives us deep insights into the art of strategy activation.

Our guest, Robert Wreschniok, CEO of the renowned Tatin Institute for Strategy Activation, reveals the secrets of successful strategy implementation. The Tatin Institute for Strategy Activation, is thereby a pillar of the prestigious Swiss management consulting group, and specializes in bringing corporate strategies truly to life in the workforce.

Why do strategies so often fail?

The answer is often found in the complex social dynamics within organizations. The mere existence of a strategy does not guarantee success. Robert emphasizes that the real work begins once the strategy is established.

Strategy Activation Success Factors:

Big Picture Understanding: A strategy should be presented as a holistic picture. By wrapping it in a compelling narrative, it becomes understandable and relatable to all stakeholders.

Interactive Measures: The Tatin Institute relies on brief, focused, and interactive interventions to ensure that everyone on the team understands the strategy and knows their role in its implementation.

Digital tools: Modern technologies facilitate the process, especially in decentralized work environments. They speed up implementation, foster collaboration, and increase motivation.

Consideration of social dynamics: Companies are social entities. Effective implementation of strategies requires a deep understanding of internal relationships, language, images and dynamics.

Strategy activation starts precisely here: It makes strategy tangible, involves all stakeholders, and thus ensures faster and more effective implementation.


Strategy activation is not just a buzzword, but an essential discipline that bridges the gap between strategy development and strategy implementation. Listen to the episode and discover how you too can bring your strategies to life. A must listen for anyone looking to accelerate change in their organization!


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TATIN Institute book - "The Big Book of Strategy: from Reformation to Digital Transformation." To be published in a few weeks.

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