#57 How you can overcome the skills shortage with innovative technology

#57 How you can overcome the skills shortage with innovative technology

The shortage of skilled workers and the challenges on the labor market are more relevant than ever. In this inspiring episode "HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY", we embark on a journey into the world of strategic recruitment in times of great change. Christian Underwood is joined by the CEO of Trenkwalder, Marc Pollok. The Trenkwalder Group is an international full-service HR group that has been a leader in recruitment and HR services for over three decades.

The podcast episode offers interesting insights into the challenging labor market conditions that companies in Germany are facing. The shortage of skilled workers is omnipresent and the search for qualified personnel is more important than ever for many companies. Marc Pollok and his team specialize in bringing companies and jobseekers together in a variety of ways.

The Trenkwalder Group operates in 16 countries and currently employs 18,000 people. Its core activity is temporary staffing, but the company also offers recruitment, outsourcing and innovative technology solutions. The group processes over one million applications annually and works continuously to find the perfect match between applicants and companies.

The Trenkwalder Group's approach of giving technology a key role is particularly strategic. With the help of self-learning algorithms and extensive data analysis, it is possible to make tailor-made placements to satisfy both employers and employees. This means greater efficiency and decisive speed in the recruitment process.

The two also talk about the outsourcing of business processes. The Trenkwalder Group not only takes over the search for employees, but also entire business processes for its clients. This allows companies to focus on their core competencies again, while the Trenkwalder Group handles the processes efficiently and cost-effectively.

In summary, this podcast episode highlights how crucial strategic recruitment is in today's business world. Looking at innovative solutions and being open to new approaches are key factors for success. This is where Marc Pollok and the Trenkwalder Group come in, offering solutions that benefit companies and job seekers alike. Listen in now!



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