DIGITAL work on your strategy

With our strategy tool, you control the entire process: from planning to analysis and workshop work, cascading and transformation to adjustment.



Digital whiteboard: where strategy is created in real time

The digital whiteboard feature (powered by Collaboard) revolutionizes strategic work by serving as a one-stop shop for all information. It enables teams to share and edit ideas in real time, promotes transparency and speeds up decision-making processes. All of your company's strategic knowledge comes together in this digital hub, ensuring efficient and clear communication.

Digital Guide: Strategy knowledge when you need it

This innovative workflow learning tool (powered by AskDelphi), based on cognitive research, guides you step-by-step through the process, providing pinpoint access to guidance, knowledge and real-world examples, right where you are in the strategy workflow. Using the Five Moments of Need learning methodology, strategy development is directly supported, providing a depth of assistance that traditional linear learning tools, such as books, cannot match.

Market Intelligence: Strategic decisions with data

Use our Market Intelligence software (powered by Cedura) to strategically and systematically keep an eye on your markets, trends and competitors. Integrate the Market Intelligence Dashboard directly into your strategy dashboard to bundle data from different sources, present and evaluate them in a clear and user-friendly way. This way, you always have an up-to-date overview of your market and can continuously update your market analysis.

This offering is available both as an add-on to any StrategyFrame® package and separately. Contact us for more information.


Connected to the best collaboration tools

Control your strategy process centrally

PDF export for effortless presentations

Presentation-ready at the touch of a button: With our latest feature, you can export all content and templates as PDFs in no time. Ideal for presenting your strategies and data seamlessly and professionally to management.

Information Security & Data Protection

Only safe is safe

State-of-the-art information security and data protection according to European specifications based on Microsoft Azure are a matter of course for us. Your strategic data belongs to you and should remain so.


The three core modules

Order and overview for your strategy process

Situation analysis

Where are we today and what are our biggest challenges?

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Target image

Where do we want to go and what specific goals are we pursuing?

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Fields of action

Where do we need to tackle and change things in our organization?

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